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30 Important Items to Remember on Your Wedding Day

30 Important Items to Remember on Your Wedding Day

No matter how much you plan, a wedding day can get pretty hectic. So many overlooked details occur and can cause major stress. Whether it’s packing for the wedding day, the wedding night, the honeymoon or any other wedding event, there’s a lot that can be forgotten! In this highly orchestrated day, it’s helpful to create a list of the easily forgotten items. Fortunately, we at Happy H Ranch have already made this list for you!


Band-Aids are great essentials, especially for bridesmaids and groomsmen if they haven’t broken in their shoes yet. They make great cushions for oncoming blisters! Plus, you never know who might get a papercut.


It’s very common for groomsmen to forget these. To save any hassle, bring some back-up black socks that will match their shoes. Black socks are always a classic look. 


Some cake decorators provide these, some don’t. You don’t want to cut your cake empty-handed, so bring a backup just in case!


This should be a given, but you’d be surprised at how often our brides and grooms forget deodorant. It never hurts to double-check!



It’s easy to remember your wedding dress but what about jewelry and hair accessories? Be sure to pack them ahead of time in a small bag and keep it with your dress’s garment bag. You don’t want to get married with an incomplete look! 


This may seem odd, but if you need a lot of extension cords for your wedding décor, be sure to bring your own. Due to insurance and liability reasons, we’re not allowed to give out extension cords but they can be a great help in preparation for you and your future spouse’s ceremony.


Instead of trusting the flower girl with her basket or hoping that her parents bring it, pack it with your other wedding accessories. If you can, pack it with the flower pedals she is tossing in the aisle.



Make sure that everyone that may be there before or during the big event has the nourishment they’ll need to celebrate! Or better yet, let us set you up with a list of recommended caterer’s so you won’t have to worry. Either way no one wants to be ‘hangry’ on our special day.   


Depending on where the bride is going after the ceremony, it’s beneficial to bring the garment bag for the dress. This will make it easier to carry the dress and protect it from anything that can stain it. If she is changing for the reception, having the garment bag is even more ideal to preserve the dress.


Like extension cords, ladders cannot be given out for insurance and liability reasons. If you need them to help set up your wedding decorations, we ask that you bring your own.


This is so the groom and groomsmen can look as pristine as possible when they walk down the aisle. It’s all in the details! If you want to look sharp at the wedding (as you should), then make sure the lint stays off the guest list.


This makes lighting candles way easier than a regular lighter. If you are taking communion during ceremony, a long stem lighter will look more elegant than you and your fiancé stuggling to light the communion candle in front of all your wedding guests.




The wedding is merely a party without this official piece of paper! Remember, you must make it legal. Be sure to have this so you can sign it right after you say, “I do.”


An extra set of pens and paper never hurt to have. Whether the wedding party needs it to write down their speeches or you simply need to make a list, a pen and a good old fashioned piece of paper can come in handy.


We use our phones for everything: pictures, social media, contacts, etc. However, it does no good if your phone is dead. Become everyone’s best friend by bringing your phone charger and maybe a couple extra. If you’re worried about yours getting stolen or mistaken for someone’s else’s, put some colored tape around your wires and plug.



These may be needed for chairs at the ceremony or tables at the reception. Not that you and your fiancé have favorites, but your grandparents may appreciate sitting next to their loved ones and not your rowdy college friends.


If the flower girl needs her basket, the ring bearer needs his pillow. You can’t have one without the other!


Clothing mishaps happen. Stay prepared with safety pins and straight pins! They’re also needed for the groomsmen’s boutonnieres and bridesmaids’ dresses that might needs a little tweaking.


Check in with your caterer and see if they are providing salt and pepper shakers. You’d be surprised of how many places don’t!


There will be plenty of surprise instances when you need scissors. No wedding party has ever complained about bringing too many scissors. Just do it, and thank yourself later.


Your wedding day will be filled with the people you love celebrating you. Everyone is going to want to congratulate you, talk to you and want to take pictures. Stay on your wedding A-game with plenty of snacks and water. You might not have time to sit down and eat, so have some available to keep you going. Also, if you plan on drinking at your wedding, drink a serving of water for every serving of alcohol. You want to remember every moment of your wedding, not just the taste of your champagne! 


Tape always comes in handy! That is all.


If you have extra trash bags, it’s no big deal. However, if you run out of trash bags, then everyone is in trouble.


As advanced as technology is, sometimes it’s not enough to predict rain. For the sake of the bride’s hair, makeup and wedding dress, please remember to bring an umbrella.


Just in case something goes wrong (it most likely won’t but JUST IN CASE), it’s good to keep a list of your vendors’ contact information. You will also have something readily available to pass off to a relative or friend that can deal with the situation instead you having to do it yourself.


This is usually the first question we get when the wedding party arrives at the venue. Always check and see if the Wi-Fi is public or private.


We know, we know. How could anyone forget such important items for the wedding? You don’t wear your wedding bands until you say, “I do,” so they can easily be forgotten. The best man is normally in charge of the bride’s wedding ring while the maid of honor is normally in charge of the groom’s.


Again, how could anyone forget their vows? It happens, and it has happened more than married couples would like to admit. It would be awful to have spent so much time and thought on your vows, and then they were forgotten. Ask a bridesmaid or a groomsman to hold on to them for you before the ceremony.

There may be a lot more to remember, but this list is a good place to start. The more you can prepare ahead of your wedding day, the better. It’s also important to know that while yes, you want everything to be exactly as you pictured it, you’re ultimately marrying your best friend. Even if something is forgotten, it won’t take away from the beautiful day the marks the rest of your lives together. Of course the wedding accessories are what help create the magical moment, but saying “I do” to your loved one IS the magical moment.

Make sure to contact us to learn more about all our venue has to offer for your special day!



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