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Alternatively Sweet

Alternatively Sweet

So you’ve picked your venue, figured out who you want to invite and now have come to the sweetest part of wedding planning… choosing a wedding cake! But wait. Maybe cake isn’t you and your fiancé’s favorite dessert. Well fear not! It’s 2019 and there are plenty of sweet alternatives to a wedding cake. Maybe you want something that reminds you of Grandma’s cinnamon rolls for your wedding ceremony or love fruit tarts more than anything (besides your fiancé of course). Whatever you may fancy, Happy H has PLENTY of ideas for your perfect wedding cake alternative.


Maybe you’re planning a morning wedding ceremony? And who really wants cake first thing in the morning? If you’re having your ceremony early in the day or just love breakfast food, these options are sure to start your day off right for eternal bliss!


Donuts are like cake but have the creative ability to be individually decorated and the portability of absolutely no silverware, which means there are no limits when it comes to these breakfast sweets.


Like donuts, cinnamon rolls have the ability to be portable (depending on how you big you make them). Some couples have their cinnamon rolls stacked into tiers while others put each cinnamon roll on a stick. Either way, your guests will have fun unrolling them to their ooey-gooey core of cinnamon goodness.


For couples that may want a less sweet alternative, muffins are the way to go. The possibilities are endless with flavors such as blueberry, cinnamon or bran! With so many options, everyone will want a taste of this cake alternative.


If muffins are little too less-sweet, pancakes are the safer route. Many couples have had a pancake bar where guests can dress up their flapjacks or have had a stack they pour syrup on together. Like muffins, pancakes can give a healthier direction if you and your fiancé choose that path.


Not a pancake person? French Toast is sure to satisfy your and your guests’ tastebuds. It can be served in small slices with different syrups or in stick form for easy dipping!


Of course if pancakes and French toast are mentioned, waffles HAVE to be mentioned. Waffles are similar to pancakes except they have tiny little square pockets that hold more syrup/whip cream/toppings/bacon/anything. They can be served in individual slices or stacked towers with whip cream and fruit as decoration.


This may seem weird at first, but plenty of people will choose coffee over dessert any day. You and your fiancé can get creative with tiers of small coffee cups or espresso glasses arranged with different flavors. A few sips of this alternative and everyone will be pumped to get on the dance floor and show off their best moves!



If you’re more into candy than cake, then we have a treat for you! From Almond Joys to Zagnuts to even those who love Twizzlers, your wedding cake alternative could be a masterpiece that looked like it came straight out of the Wonka Factory! Monochromatic displays of sweets or candy bar-bars are just a couple of the millions of options to choose from.


If your wedding is themed with the light, airy atmosphere of bliss, then cotton candy may be right up your alley. The bright, pastel colors are sure to compliment any wedding theme and the various flavors of cotton candy are sure to entice any guest.


A beautiful display of truffles may be for those who want just the right amount of sweet after their meals. These fun-sized desserts can be stacked on one another or arranged in individual wrappers for guests.


If you absolutely love your wedding colors, you can arrange the same color of M&M’s or Skittles in jars arranged to look like a cake or have your wedding date written on the little colorful pieces.


Here is an alternative that can go in so many directions… cookies. Loved by many. Disliked by very few. A common option is multiple tiers of cookies, so even the pickiest guests have something to choose. If you don’t want to go with the tiered idea, here are a couple other options. Don’t forget the milk! 


This French option can also be gluten-free, allowing more guests to take part in this sweet bandwagon that’s currently sweeping the nation. Macarons add a pop of color to your wedding decorations and can be really yummy. Many couples choose an ombre effect for their macaron “cake” while others pick alternating patterns.


If you’re obsessed with Milk’s Favorite Cookie, then who’s to say you can’t have an Oreo tower as your wedding cake alternative? This cost-effective option is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Just make sure you have dunk-able cups.


Not only is this a genius idea, but it is also super fun! Instead of dunking your cookies in a cup, just make the cookies in the form of shot glasses and pour the milk in them. It’s killing two birds with one stone without the all the feathers.



Maybe you and your fiancé want to take a more organic approach to your wedding. An assortment of different fresh fruits can be both delicious and beautiful. Here are some options that go beyond a simple fruit arrangement.


Parfaits can bring a bright, sweet touch to your wedding ceremony in individual cups stacked in tiers to create the illusion of a cake. Different flavors of yogurt and fruits allow you and your fiancé to get creative with what you want to serve your guests without the guilt of cake calories.


Whether you and your fiancé want to serve individual-sized fruit tarts or serve bigger communal ones so guests can choose how big they want their slices, fruit tarts provide a perfect taste of summer! Not only are they delicious, but they are visually pleasing as well.


What better way to serve your guests fruit than with all different kinds of smoothies. Your guests will love that they can take their dessert with them, even on the dance floor if they choose!


Pies come in all flavors and sizes and can be homemade or ordered. You and your fiancé may want pies that fit to the season of your wedding or want to bring an assortment that appeals to your assortment of guests.


You only have one wedding. Therefore, you may want to have the wackiest wedding cake alternative to commemorate this special day. Here are some wild card options that may just ironically fit in your and your fiancé’s wedding vision.


The only thing better than bread is fried bread. The only thing better than fried bread is fried bread covered in cinnamon and sugar. Churros can be formed into all different shapes like a floral arrangement or hearts, bringing a whole new twist to your wedding aesthetic!


What’s a wedding that doesn’t snap, crackle and pop? This sticky concoction will take your guests back to their childhood and elevate your wedding to a whole new level of fun.


Instead of a wedding gift, ask your aunt to make her famous brownie and blondie recipe to bring a taste of home to your wedding ceremony. Baked with love of course, these portion-sized goodies will bring a smile to all of your guests!


Whether it’s an ice cream bar, an arrangement of ice cream cones or an ice cream cake, this frozen dessert may be just what you need for the summer wedding heat. Wow your guests with their choice of toppings, syrups and fruit without breaking your budget. Now that’s a cool idea!


Little shot glasses of rich, creamy mousse are where fun-size meets an assortment of flavors. Your dessert shots can span from the taste of lemon to caramel peanut butter to dark chocolate brownie mousse, satisfying all ranges of taste buds.


That’s right, cheese. There’s accasciato, cheddar, largo, parmesan, zimbro… you get the picture. You can garnish your cheeses with fresh fruit and crackers to complement these stacked delicacies. 



You might be realizing that after looking at all of these options that cake suddenly seems like the better choice. Before you regret looking into the previously mentioned alternatives, take a look at some options that are like a wedding cake but are still technically not a wedding cake.


Cupcakes and petit fours may have all the characteristics of a wedding cake, but they’re baked in way cuter portions in a much cheaper way. If you’re having a hard time choosing flavors, cupcakes and petit fours can allow for more flavors to be offered to guests instead of just one giant, boring cake with one boring flavor.  


Like cupcakes, cake pops can bring more flavor to your wedding ceremony. Cake pops have been trending for a while at weddings, so plenty of bakeries would be happy to bake these round, decorative spheres of deliciousness.


It made be hard to say, but this French dessert is easy to love. If you and your fiancé love pastries or caramel or both, then this is the perfect dessert. Croquembouches bring an elegant, savory appeal and are sure to have your guests wanting more.

If you and your fiancé still want keep some kind of a tradition in your wedding, be sure to include a small cake for yourselves to freeze and eat on your anniversary.

May your marriage be as sweet as your wedding cake alternative! Happy eating!

Contact Happy H Ranch today for a list of preferred caterers skilled to specialize in whichever trend your heart desires. 



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