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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

You want your wedding to be perfect. A big part of creating your perfect wedding is finding the perfect venue. Choosing the wedding venue is almost as committal choosing your spouse. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but there can be a lot of pressure when it comes to deciding. It’s helpful to do your research on different venues and prioritize what you want in your wedding.

It’s also important to make sure you ask your venue all your questions. Make a list of questions so you’ll feel better prepared! Maybe you’re not sure what to even ask or where to begin.

“What could I possibly be forgetting?”

“Could this be too many questions?”

No such thing! This is YOUR wedding and you want to make sure you know every little detail to have the wedding of your dreams.  


We created a list of questions to get you started. Some questions you probably would have suspected. Most you might have not given any thought. Our questions could spark even more specific questions for you. Take a look and ask away!

Basic Questions:

  1. Will there be other weddings booked that day? Places that have more than one venue normally book multiple weddings. Some places might even book two weddings in the same day at one venue. At Happy H, it’s all about you. We only book one wedding for the whole weekend.
  2. What sort of lighting is included in the venue? Lighting is everything! People want to dance in lighting that is romantic and dim, not bright and fluorescent! Find out if lighting is included or if you need to bring additional lighting to create the vision you have for your wedding.
  3. What are the wedding packages and what is included? Happy H provides wedding packages that tailored to specifically fit your needs. Click here for more information on our wedding packages.
  4. Are there enough outlets? Sound equipment, photo booths and extra lightings all require outlets to plug into. If there aren’t enough outlets, be sure to bring some extension cords when you are setting up decorations.
  5. What décor restrictions does your venue have? Depending on the venue, there could be restrictions on confetti and open flames. If these decorative options matter to you, make sure you know your venue’s décor restrictions early on.
  6. Are there volume restrictions? One of the best parts about a wedding reception is the dancefloor. However, it may be a bummer if your wedding’s dance jams have to be turned down. Venues that are in more isolated areas like ranches normally don’t have these restrictions because they don’t have neighbors. If your wedding is one where you want to get your groove on, make sure there aren’t restrictions to keep you from doing so.
  7. What equipment does the venue provide? Many people assume speakers, decorations and so on are all included with the venue. However, different venues have different rules. Some may provide the equipment but charge an additional fee.
  8. Who is the main venue contact for the day of the wedding? Communication is so important, especially when coordinating a wedding ceremony. Get to know the main venue contact ahead of time just in case any issues occur. They are the ones who can provide the best solutions.
  9. What’s the earliest you can come to start decorating? Decorating can take a while and become stressful. The sooner it gets done, the better!
  10. Will you need to provide your own caterers or are they included in the wedding package? Some wedding venues provide caterers but others give you the option of what type of food you would like to be served. It may be possible that even though the wedding venue has caterers, they might be for an additional fee.
  11. Is the venue licensed to serve alcohol? It’s always better to ask than assume. Sometimes the drinks are more important than the venue, depending on who is getting married. Making sure the venue is licensed should be a priority just in case you change your mind.
  12. Does the venue hire the bartenders? Happy H allows guests to bring their own alcohol and can hire TABC licensed bartenders and security staff for an additional fee. 
  13. Does the venue charge for unopened bottles after the reception? Most couples don’t think about this question. Some venues are sneaky enough to keep unopened bottle charge a hidden fee. Always be in the know!
  14. How many guests does the venue hold? Your concept of space might be a little different than how much space there actually is. Your venue has thrown hundreds of weddings at this point and knows exactly how many people it can hold. Don’t jump to conclusions assuming you know the number because you might just have too many people to fit at your wedding.
  15. Does the venue have microphones for speeches? Again, this is a common assumption with many couples. Microphones are not always included, so it’s better to know ahead of time than the day of the wedding!
  16. How long does the wedding venue have to clean up/tear down once the wedding is over? Happy H’s expert staff is there with our couples every step of the way, including the setup and breakdown of their wedding. Our breakdown and clean up services take the stress and hassle out of your wedding so you and your guests can enjoy every moment.
  17. What is the total cost, and how much is the deposit? No, a venue’s deposit is normally not included in the wedding package. In budgeting, make sure ALL of your wedding expenses are covered.
  18. Does the venue offer payment plans? Depending on the venue, some places require the payment upfront while others are a little more lenient in their transactions. The payment process might be a deal breaker for you and your fiancé so decide ahead of time what is best for the both of you.
  19. What is the cancellation policy? Like with any other big purchases, it’s important to know the ins and outs of what you’re getting yourself into. Make a copy of the cancellation policy for yourselves to keep on file.
  20. Is there a generator for power outages? A generator could be the lifesaver for your wedding. Some couples might think a power outage is a little dramatic or extreme, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  21. Does the venue provide the seating for the ceremony? This may seem like a given, but you don’t want to be stuck bringing in chairs on your wedding day if you don’t have to.
  22. Will you be able to have a rehearsal at the venue? For couples that would feel more comfortable rehearsing their wedding than just winging it, this could be a deal breaker as well. Some rehearsals are the night before, and others could be the morning of the wedding. Ask for your most ideal time first and see what is available. 
  23. What is the insurance policy for the venue and vendors? Insurance can bring a great peace of mind. Like the cancellation policy, keep the insurance policies on file just in case any issues come.
  24. Does the venue provide any decorations? The more money you can save on wedding decorations, the better. If you don’t exactly have the “eye for design,” included wedding decorations might be the answer to your prayers.
  25. What is the most common question the venue is asked? You might have forgotten something important, you never know! This is just to be sure you’re not missing any key information.

Hopefully this list got the wheels in your brain turning for what to ask your wedding venue! Remember, this is your wedding and you want it to be perfect. Knowing every little detail that goes into your wedding will help you feel prepared and comfortable, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! The biggest takeaway here is to always ask and never assume. It’s not like you get married every day, and you deserve to make the most of your wedding planning. An asking bride is a happy bride!

For all of your questions about Happy H, feel free to contact us or call at (210) 332-3151. Visit Our website for more information.    



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